SL24 Dimensional Emblems Transform Your Products

Outstanding Branding For Your Products

Sharpline SL24™ dimensional imaging takes the appearance of any product or brand from OK to Extraordinary. SL24™ high-tech graphic technology converts corporate logos, insignias, emblems and other markings into dynamic, three-dimensional images in chrome, or a spectrum of colors and textures that will boost your brand recognition.

  • Engineered for a compatible fit to a wide variety of application surfaces.
  • Infinitely Shapeable™ dimensional software gives you more choice in design.
  • Substantial tool cost savings compared to stamped or injection molded dimensional tooling
  • Need to go BIG? SL24™ is available in single–piece sizes over 8 feet in length.
  • Outstanding product quality with 20+ years of exterior durability.
  • Easy to install

Modern Brand Identification

Sharpline SL24™ products use industry-leading technology to provide cost savings, 20+ year durability, and any options to promote your brand.

How They're Made

SL24™ emblems and branding elements utilize a patented manufacturing process providing quality, durability, and outstanding design.


Product names, model numbers, special packages and corporate logos display a more elegant, eye-catching appearance.


SL24™ visual effects attract attention with a variety of colors, finishes and design elements.


Dimensional SL24™ imaging technology allows maximum design versatility that is far superior to ordinary decals or urethane badging. 


SL24™ product finishes have superior resistance to outdoor weathering while maintaining their like-new appearance for years.

SL24 Nova™ Brightens Up Brand Identity

See Dimensional Emblems In a Whole New Light

Sharpline’s proprietary SL24 Nova™ technology converts your corporate logos, insignias, emblems and other markings into dynamic images that light up at night!    

  • Reliable, energy-efficient LED lights used in all SL24 Nova™ images.
  • SL24 Nova™ images have an operational life >100,000 hours – enough to run continuously for 11 years.
  • SL24 Nova™ can be directly wired into most electrical systems.
  • SL24 Nova™ draws more attention to your brand 24 / 7.
  • Outstanding product quality with 20+ years of exterior durability.
SL24 Nova promotes your brand all day
SL24 Nova badge lit up at night

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