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Trimbrite products are available through online and brick-and-mortar automotive retailers nationwide. Check the retailers below to find out where you can find Trimbrite products.

Trimbrite products are manufactured by Sharpline Converting Inc.

Die cut vinyl continuous roll striping featuring a barbwire pattern
Specialty vinyl film that simulates the appearance of real carbon fiber (black)
Transforms emblems and other surfaces to a popular matte black color
Colored specialty film seals broken tail light, running light, and turn signal lenses
Heavy-duty, non-skid take that prevents slipping on running boards, truck beds, stairs, etc.
Easy-to-apply retro-graphic design fits any vehicle. (black)
OEM factory replacement stripes for pickup truck paint break lines. (silver/black)
Cool fender-rally stripe design features subtle skull pattern. (silver)
Officially licensed bowtie logo with realistic carbon fiber appearance.
Retro-style stutter design creates a classic muscle car look on any vehicle. (Matte Black)
Ultra-Reflective Safety Tape
Dazzling, prismatic film die-cut in the ever-popular mud flap gals shape.
Easy to use foam adhesive tape with multiple uses for the home and vehicle.
Top selling, peel and stick US flag decals printed on white vinyl.
Use to touch up whitewalls and restore tire lettering.
Protects paint under door handles from scratches made by fingernails & jewelry. (clear)
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